PROLOGUE: aperiodic asperous

A fragment, splintering the sky, cascading down and down and down and down and down.

It crackles with static energy, lighting the void with palpable rage.

Each crack branches out, diverging. They span infinitely until they reach life, until they reach a universe.

They curl around worlds, catching them in its grasp before eventually it finds what its after




It tears the universe apart at its core, destorying the very fabric of its being leaving nothing in its wake.

It does this often.

Causalities in its grand search.

And if you're not careful, you will join them.

It starts with a jolt.

The feeling of your body for the first time, the wind on your skin, the feeling of your hair against your scalp, your tongue in your mouth.

For a moment it's like you're experiencing every small sensation that you have grown used to all over again.

For some of you, it's a shock, an almost paralyzing sensation, for others you recognize this as a sign that you've once again been thrown somewhere new.

The landscape is drab, the ground is coveerd with ashy snow, it seems almost uninhabited.

There are peculiar footsteps that dance all around the spot you ended up, no rhyme or reason. Its impossible to tell where they came from, tracks overlap and twist and suddenly stop.

What you can tell is that a good portion of the tracks lead to a stone platform right in the middle of the clearing, Its surface is cracked and aged.

There are small steps leading it its slightly elevated surface.

Around the clearing are dead trees and snow-covered brush, it seems to frame the clearing almost.

Above you is nothing.

Nothing but twisting and growing cracks streaking through the sky.

It looks like broken glass.